Virtual Concerts
with GranolaXR

The most advanced avatar-based social entertainment platform you can use to promote your shows in XR.

Unique interactive shows
Fans have their own avatars
Production made easy

Highly immersive avatar-based
interactive experiences.

GranolaXR shows combine cutting-edge gaming and broadcast technologies to mirror artists with their avatars during the show. Motion and audio is broadcasted live to fans in real-time.

MMO World Yabal

Granola’s virtual entertainment experiences take place in its MMO world Yabal. Fans have their own avatar and attend the live experiences together with other players.

Get your own space

Re-create your existing concert venue or just open up your first virtual venue. Use our technology to produce your XR shows with your own team. 

GranolaXR platform features

Get access to powerful XR production tools and a scalable virtual world environment. 

Bring your shows to XR now.

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