Music Games

Connecting players, artists, and brands through play in Fortnite and beyond.

The Magic of Music Games

As gaming eclipses traditional social media, our games blend music and gameplay for an engaging player experience. These games not only satisfy players but also allow brands to connect with their audience uniquely.

Branded Music Games in Fortnite

With 230M active players Fortnite is a great place to connect with players. We use the power of rhythm game mechanics to build unique gaming experiences.

Virtual Concerts

We bring to life virtual concerts set in extraordinary environments, featuring animated artists as real-time 3D characters. These immersive musical experiences can be enjoyed as pre-recorded events in Fortnite or as truly live performances in Yabal, our exclusive virtual realm designed for live entertainment.

For Artists

Granola Studios offers artists a unique opportunity to get their music heard in distinct gaming experiences, allowing them to connect with their fans through interactive play. Here, artists can collaborate with gamers at the forefront, shaping their next super hit together.

Artists we work with

For Brands

Our games provide a powerful platform for brands to engage with gaming audiences and deliver their messages worldwide through immersive experiences.

Brands we work with

About us

Our mission is to connect players, artists and brands through play.

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