Live gigs

Unite with your fans in our virtual music festival world Yabal and play virtual live concert experiences from your studio.

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Unite with your fans in a 3D animated and gamified party world.

We combine cutting-edge gaming and broadcast technology to translate artists into virtual avatars in real-time. The virtual concert experiences take place in Granola’s own virtual music festival world Yabal where fans have their own avatar and can enjoy the 3D-animated live gigs with their friends.

Control your digital double in real-time using motion capture suits.

While performing your music live you control your avatar in the virtual world with special motion equipment.

“It was a great experience!
So we decided to do it again.”

Inez and Demian - ÄTNA

Offer your fans a unique party experience.

Your fans enter the virtual party with their own personalised avatar. They can walk, fly, dance and chat with you and other players.

A new medium
to connect with fans.

Ticketed livestream experience

Granola concert experiences are a unique new way to perform your music for a next generation audience in a virtual 3D-animated multiplayer world. As in a regular concert, your fans buy a ticket for the show. They get a virtual wristband and have access to your concert in the world.

Stand out from the good old video live stream.

There is no creative limit to leverage our new medium. Our unique technology catapults you into a virtual space together with your fans.

Why your next show
should be with us.


Our unique technology catapults you into a virtual space together with your fans.


We take care of logistics and provide technical support for smooth broadcasting straight from your home.


Give your fans an immersive live experience that you can monetise by selling tickets for access.

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