Virtual Music Festival

No time for live concerts and festivals? No worries, we bring your favorite artists to your Smart TV & gaming console in a completely new way.

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Exclusive and unique live concerts

Real music artists perform live just for our virtual music festival. They play popular songs, new arrivals and even go beyond their standard interpretations. All really live. They play and you watch in the very same second.  

Artists like never before

The real artists control their virtual avatars when they perform live in the recording studio. Their body movements and facial expressions will be streamed live and in real-time to your living-room. The authentic movements of the virtual characters makes you feel super close to your favorite musicians.

Artists and fans united in one virtual world

Similar to a video game you can explore the virtual world before the concerts start, while artists are performing and of course after the show. You share this virtual venue not just with thousands or millions of other fans, you also share it with the artists. Feel free to send comments and get responses from the artists, chat with them in the VIP before and after the show and take selfies with the band.

Lean back or play actively

Take an active role and use your avatar to interact with the world or lean back and enjoy.

Style your avatar

Change the appearance of your avatar with stunning festival clothing items.


Dance, chat and explore the virtual festival venue with up to 200 players.