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The live entertainment platform for generation Pixar.

Attending a live performance of your favorite artist used to be the only way to feel close to your idol. Unfortunately, sold-out tours, traveling, queuing, bad spots and huge crowds can louse this experience up for all of us. Granola Studios is the new beginning to live entertainment. We let you see your stars as 3D-animated avatars performing in mindblowing environments at your cozy home. Live.

A new way
to see your idol

You will meet your favorite artist’s 3D-animated avatar controlled by the artist in a beautiful interactive environment where you can pick the spot you like.

Let’s clap

While staying at your lovely home, you share the same virtual space with the artist and thousands of like-minded fans. Hoooorray with the crowd and throw your virtual emojis.

Highest Audio

We will treat your senses with up to 192 kHz at 32 bit - that’s the highest audio streaming quality available today combined with video content. Make sure to get some excellent speakers.

See it on your
preferred device

Use your smartphone, tablet, computer or VR headset to so see the 3D live event. Well… yep, you should go and buy an Oculus Go now. In VR it’s even more magical.

Early access line-up

Coming beginning 2019
Artist? Click here.

We are hiring.

Our mission is to create an entirely new universe for live entertainment. One that brings you closer to your favorite artist right from your sofa than you have ever imagined. Wanna join us on that mission?