About us

Our mission is to bring fans closer to their favorite music artists as ever before. That's why we founded Granola Studios to create the first virtual music festival.


Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur by heart, Dominik decided to start Granola Studios when he got his first VR headset in 2017. He loves Pixar movies, Ready Player One, Halt and catch fire and produces some hip-hop/jazz tunes occasionally.


Founder & CTO

Gamer and tech geek by heart Axel joined Dominik founding Granola Studios to follow his call creating games. He loves playing shooters and spinning records occasionally as a DJ.


Art Director

Game designer by heart, Adriana joined Granola Studios as Art Director while studying game design at HTW.

Technologies we are excited about

We combine video game development and real-time communication technologies to create a completely new real-time interactive entertainment technology.


Our first project is called "Marius". It's about a rabbit who is running a magical librarian. With this project we learned a lot about creating stunning 3D immersive environments. If you have a VR headset you can check it out on Steam or Oculus.

Join us on our journey

If you like what we do you can join us in different ways. Follow us on our social media accounts to see most recent activities.

You can also become an early tester and help us with or test our product early.

If you are interested in joining our team please check out the jobs section.