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to the Metaverse

Start using the most advanced avatar-based social entertainment platform now to create your shows in XR.

Ticketed Show

Great for artists who want to reach their fans in a unique and safe new way.

starts at
per show
  • Custom Artist avatar (one)
  • Branded stage in Yabal gig house
  • 30k fan broadcast-minutes included
  • Captured in our studio in Babelsberg with high-end motion capture tech
  • Remote capture possible as add-on
  • Custom merch skins for fan avatars
  • Ticket sales through our platform
  • We keep 40% of ticket revenues 
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Branded Space

Great for concert venues, talent agencies, labels and promoters.

starts at
per year
  • Dedicated space on Yabal
  • Co-branding in the UI
  • 100k fan broadcasting minutes included
  • Access to all our production apps
  • Support for integrating your own space
  • Integration of third-party ticket platforms
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What you get

Motion & Audio capture app (Win)
HD Audio streaming app
Event space only accessible with ticket
Ticketing website
Fans can create their custom avatar
Fans can express emotions
Fans can chat with each other
World chat for fans and artist
Up to 100 fans per server/game session
Infinite Scalable architecture
MMO world available for PC & Mac
Multicam production for social media streams
Show FX control app
Custom items for fans to collect
Custom virtual merch for fan avatars


Is it really live?

Yes, it's all live. The artists performs the show and is translated in real-time into the avatar. The artists avatar is animated live on all fan computers with a latency of about 150ms. It's live :)

Why do we keep 40% of the ticket sales?

First of all, we only keep 40% of your ticket sales if you do a ticketed show with us. If you subscribe to your own branded space, all the ticket revenues are yours. We keep 40% because our "Ticketed Show" product doesn't really cover all our costs. We want to support artists in promoting their shows in XR and therefore we take a part of the risk. If the show is successful we all win.

How can the artist communicate with fans?

Fans and the artist(s) can communicate via our world chat. All world chat messages are visible to all fans on all game servers and the artist or the artist's manager. We also offer a feature called "ask the artist". Fans can tag their chat message with a special tag and this message appears on a virtual chat wall in the world.

Who builds my branded space?

First of all, it's not part of the subscription price you pay. Think of it like this: you renting the land on our planet with all the features and the infrastructure. But you still need to build your own venue. You can hire any 3D agency or we can recommend some of our partners.

How is the artist avatar created?

If the artist already has a 3D avatar you can re-use this version if you want. If you go with the "Ticketed Show" option we create the avatars for you. But of course you can also hire another company to create the avatars. If you purchase the branded space, avatar creation is not part of the package as we expect you work with an agency together. If not, we can recommend a few from our partner network.