Olivia Reid

Live in our virtual concert venue
Coming fall 2019

Olivia Reid live & un-real.

Olivia jumps into a motion capture suit and performs a live gig for you from a recording studio. You can see Olivia’s 3D-character being live animated by herself and listen to her music in studio quality.


Olivia Reid is a 20 year-old music artist, songwriter, and producer originally from Sacramento, California in the USA.  Now multi-city based in New York, LA and Berlin, Olivia's solo work as an up-and-coming artist creates a unique sound and production landscape in the indie-alternative and experimental-folk sphere.  Olivia is also an avid collaborator spanning across a multitude of genres and modes of creation. Her collaborations and features in the indie pop-electronic realm have resulted in a global audience reach, with nearly 20 Million song-streams across the U.S., Australia, Europe and more. While continuing to song-write for other artists from around the globe, Olivia is simultaneously producing new music for solo release in 2019 from her self-owned label and production company, Breeze Street Media LLC.


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Meet Olivia live at our booth.

Come and meet Olivia Reid at SXSW 2019. She will perform live at our booth.

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