Yabal arises

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January 12, 2020

We founded Granola Studios to create friendly and playful games and experiences, eventually to experience and play immersed with VR/AR headsets. We didn‘t want to build the next shooter game.
With our first VR experience "Marius" we mainly tested the waters to learn and understand how to create virtual worlds and games for VR. We learned that VR is still a niche and it might take some years and iterations on the headsets to become mainstream.

We were ready for something bigger and more ambitious and not only limited to VR.

Inspired by the party zone in ready player one and big fans of live music and music festivals we see a huge potential in combining an open world MMORPG with live music events.

This idea eventually turned into YABAL, the music festival multiplayer game world.

On YABAL it’s all about the party and live music. Similar to attending real-life festivals players will listen to scheduled live performances played by real artists, dance with their friend's avatars and have a good time.

All from cozy home.

Live animation streaming

We started last year with the exploration of the technology to let artists control their game character during the live performance in real-time. We started using motion capture suits for body tracking and the iPhone X for tracking facial expressions. Both works really well and we are now creating the technology to stream the motion data live into the game world.
We demonstrated the live animation technology last year at SXSW in Austin together with a singer/songwriter. We got lots of positive feedback and many artists showed interest.

MMORPG with the help of SpatialOS

Our goal is to build a game world with ongoing live music events. There will be one persistent game world where millions of people can join at the same time. We use the MMO game backend SpatialOS which is developed by improbable. It makes prototyping and scaling much easier. Just like AWS for software and apps.

5G, Game Streaming and VR/AR

With the rise of game streaming, enabled by 5G many more people will have the ability to play high-quality graphics games without having expensive gaming hardware. Ubisoft CEO said recently that in a few years we might see up to 5 billion people streaming and playing video games with super high graphics quality. Apple might release an AR headset in a few years and VR headsets will be much lighter and more comfortable to wear in the future. These trends make us confident that video games and spatial computing will be „the next big thing“ that is currently underrated.

A new format for musicians

For musicians, virtual live concerts will be a new way to present their music and to reach new audiences. And of course to make money. There will be full concerts, intimate sessions, and rehearsals of new music. For all music lovers, it will be heaven!

We are super excited and can‘t wait to see you at YABAL soon.