Granola Studios to take part in SXSW 2019

Dominik Faber

From Sunday, March 10 through Thursday, March 14, Granola Studios will take part in SXSW 2019 (South by Southwest), the world's largest creative business conference and festivals to be held in Austin, Texas.

For the first time, Granola Studios will be demonstrating its new technology for 3D animated live concerts at SXSW. Visitors can see how artists control their 3D animated avatar in real-time while performing live.

„Virtual live concerts with 3D characters are a new way to create a unique and energizing concert atmosphere for fans at home,“ says Dominik Faber, Founder & CEO of Granola Studios.

Olivia Reid, The first artist who will perform a virtual live concert with her 3D character double later in 2019, will join Granola Studios at SXSW 2019 to give a behind the scenes look of how the virtual concerts are recorded and broadcasted in real-time with cutting edge motion capture and live animation technologies. Olivia Reid will perform 2 sets per exhibition day at Granola Studios booth.

The creator behind Olivia Reid's real-time avatar is Mimic Productions, a Berlin-based 3D animation studio known for their high-quality 3D characters and services, and whose clientele includes names such as Roger Federer, Marina Abramovic, and Kanye West. Although Mimic specializes in realistic digital humans, working with Granola Studios provided an opportunity to create toon-style animations more attune to the early work of Mimic's Founder, David Bennett, whose industry experience includes Avatar, The Adventures of Tintin and Monster House.

About Granola Studios
Music-tech startup Granola Studios creates and promotes virtual live concerts. Artists appear as their 3D animated character double controlled by themselves wearing a motion capture suit while performing live in a recording studio. Fans attend the live gigs simultaneously on their tablet computers, desktops or VR headsets from home. The Skype-like technology lets fans interact with other fans and the artist to create a different but energizing live concert atmosphere.

About SXSW
SXSW (South by Southwest) is an event featuring music, film and interactive media that has taken place in Austin, Texas, since 1987. The event attended by professions across the world has focused on helping creative people achieve their goals by providing networking opportunities through multiple sessions, exhibits, and screenings. The diversity of topics discussed by people from many different backgrounds is known to allow for unexpected discoveries. SXSW 2019 will be held from March 8 (Fri) to March 17 (Sun) and the Interactive Festival themed on new technologies and business ideas will be held from March 8 (Fri) to March 12 (Tue).

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