First look at the fan avatar concept

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January 12, 2020

We didn’t pay much attention to the player characters in the beginning. We were only focused on the artists and saw the player characters more from the perspective of the artists. To let them see how many fans are watching the show. It all changed completely when we talked to the concept artist who would help us create the concept for the player characters.

What we are building is a trendy, vibrant and colorful virtual venue where live concerts are happening. But also where people (mainly focusing on Generation Y) can hang out with friends having a good time. Essentially like a festival but virtual and in a game format. The overall look, therefore, should be very similar to a real festival such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Burning man, you name it…


With this idea in mind, we did some research on Gen Y and actual festival fashion trends and what might come soon. Here is a screenshot from one of our Pinterest boards we pinned together.

Pinterest board of our early research on YABAL - https://pin.it/mwuyv4fzyz6rwv


We already had a really good idea about the overall look of the game. A very friendly and playful virtual world - exactly what our mission with Granola Studios was from the beginning and still is. The first sketches for the character concept immediately impressed us and it took just a few smaller iterations and we had very unique concept art for the first player characters (fans) which will be the foundation for many more to follow.

Turnaround of the player character body for YABAl
Sketch of the player character for YABAL
Sketches of some outfit variations for the player characters

Beauty shot

To see how the characters would look like when modeled, textured and placed in the video game, we made a beauty shot.

Beauty shot of the player characters in YABAL

The next step would be modeling the characters, rigging and place them in the game. We will write another post about this. Oh, and if you are curious about the masks the characters have in the beauty shot, well… we have something special in mind. :)