Artists can now apply to early access line-up

Dominik Faber

Startup Granola Studios lets musicians apply for early access line-up to perform live as 3D-animated characters.

Berlin, November 6, 2018 - Granola Studios is working on a live-streaming platform for 3D-animated entertainment. In March 2019 the company will stream the first virtual musical performances together with selected musicians from different genres in Central Europe and USA. From today on artists and record labels can apply on the companies website ( to be part of this early access line-up.

The Berlin startup is on the mission to bring concert experiences to the living rooms through 3D-avatars and live animation. Instead of filming a concert the startup scans the artists and creates realistic or cartoony 3D characters from the scans. During the performance, artists wear a special suit that captures the artist’s movements (a motion capture suit) and streams it together with facial expressions to Granola Studios proprietary apps for PCs, Tablets and VR/AR glasses. Fans can view the performance simultaneously with thousands of other fans (similar to an MMO) seeing the artists as 3D-animated characters. The technology unfolds its full potential in virtual and augmented reality, but it also works on traditional screens on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

“It’s an exciting new technology to give live entertainment the next boost,” says Dominik Faber, founder & CEO of Granola Studios.

This new technology comes at a time where the music industry needs new ideas on how to promote artists and generate revenues. More than 43% of the $17 billion US music industry revenues are made from ticket sales for live concerts. The cutting-edge 3D live animation technology is mainly used in the video game and filmmaking industries. The technology also works great with new augmented reality devices from the spatial computing company Magic Leap.

“So many people love the style of a 3D-animated movie (i.E., Pixar movies). Why not bring your favorite artists to live in such a magical 3D-animated world,” says Dominik Faber.

Granola Studios was founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Dominik Faber and developer Axel Zehden in Berlin. After a long period of planning and developing core technologies the company now builds a live-streaming platform for 3D-animated entertainment to be launched in early-access in March 2019.

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