Early Access starts now - Explore The Festival Venue

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November 5, 2020

Our virtual music festival venue is ready for early access.

Since our last private game test we tweaked the environment of our virtual music festival a lot. Here is an overview of the main things that we changed and added.

We added new structures which make the venue more interesting and immersive.
We also added the first stage design which we think is stunningly different from real-world stages.
We also added more  emotions for your character which you can easily trigger with the emotion wheel.
You can now create a free account on the accompanying web app and join free or paid events here.

We are super excited to announce that we start our early access program today! The product is still in development but we love to get feedback early from people who are not our employees, friends or family :) That’s why we now let a limited number of interested people in to see what we have built so far.

How to get early access to our virtual festival venue:

  • Create your player account here
  • Your account will be checked and approved for early access
  • Once your account is approved you can download the Yabal game client app [here] (currently windows only & mac is coming very soon)
  • Once you have installed Yabal on your computer you can launch it, log in with your account and check out the venue. You will probably be alone then.
  • That’s why we will host a few test events starting May 28 at 5 pm UTC. You will get a first look at the first stage. Also you will be sharing the venue with all the other early access players.  
  • To enter the stage area you need to join the free event “Explore the festival stage” on the Yabal web app  first. Otherwise you will not have access to the area in the virtual world.

As a bonus for our lovely early access testers we have placed some Yabal wristbands in the world ready being collected by you. The more bands you have the more free access to further events you get.

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