Modeling the first band characters

The main idea of our music festival game YABAL is ... well of course live music. We want to promote concerts and live music sessions with real artists inside the game world. Our vision is to promote hundreds or thousands of live concerts played by real musicians and bands.

Right now we are modeling the band members of a very interesting band from Germany. We are modeling the characters based on photographs in Maya, then give them a good body rig and blendshapes for facial expressions.

In the end, the band members will wear a motion capture suit to control their virtual doubles in the game world while performing live in a recording studio. So it will be live. At the same moment, fans are inside the game the artist performs a live set. You can literally chat with the artists if you want (and you have a VIP ticket :D).

Oh, you want to know the name of the band, right? Sure: The band is called Ätna. You can read more about the band here.