Come to Granola Studios and perform virtually virtual.

We now let artists apply to participate in our early access line-up to stream their performances live as 3D-animated characters.

Stand out with a 3D-animated live performance.

A gig with Granola Studios means you and your fans share the same virtual space similar to a massive multiplayer game (MMO). Fans can see your performance in realtime and express their emotions and feelings with virtual emojis. It’s an entirely new way for you to connect with your fans and find new ones.

You get your own
3D-animated character.

Once you made the decision to host your own virtual live performance with Granola Studios, we start creating your 3D character. Your face, body, and mimics will be scanned with lots of cameras spotting at you. Afterward, your 3D character will be created and integrated with our platform. Of course, we can adopt the style of the character to your needs. It can look more realistic or more cartoony. Let's be creative together.

Control your character
with our motion capture suits.

You will wear our special motion capture suit during the live performance. With this suit, we record your movements and control your virtual 3D character. We can also capture your facial expressions with an iPhone X to give your virtual avatar even more depth. You are welcome to test it at our studio in Berlin.

Choose the right stage
for your performance.

You can choose from three amazing environments we have created for your virtual performance. “Dark Water” which lets you stand just in a completely black environment with a nice water effect. “Lost in space” a planet far away from home or the one we are just working on. Stay tuned.

About the
2019 early access program.

From March 2019 on we will host the first live 3d-animated performances. Fans have to be invited to be able to watch the shows from their cozy homes. It will be free of charge for them, but we only can offer up to 1.000 simultaneously viewers per live performance for now. We kick-off the early access at SXSW.


Do I have to pay for the 3D character/avatar creation?

No, we sponsor the creation of your 3D character.

Will I get paid for the performance?

For taking part in our early access program, you are not being paid. Once we publicly launch the platform, you can decide whether you want to sell tickets for your performance or not.

Can I change the look of my 3D character as I like to?

Your 3D avatar will be created based on a 3D scan of you. We have several possibilities to change the style, but it should always look similar to you.

Can the environment be customized?

We offer 3 default environments for you to perform in. If you want your own style, this will be possible after the early access phase.

Where will the performance take place?

We can record your performance in any place you like. We need a stable internet connection and enough space for you and/or your band to perform.

Can the performance be recorded?

Yes, we record your performance, and if you want, we can let your fans watch it whenever they want.

From where can the fans view the performance?

In early access we stream to Central Europe & USA.