Creating virtual worlds

We are a VR game studio from Berlin

We create friendly and playful interactive environments and we make them stunningly beautiful and entertaining.

What we do

We build small and big worlds to experience alone & with friends, designed for traditional screens (mobile, tablet, PC/MAC), Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets.

"Marius" and the magic library

To see how far we can push the design of an environment in VR, we created a massive library with tons of books and a magical  atmosphere. We also created an animated character, the little rabbit "Marius" who is living in this library.

You can download Marius for free on Steam VR and Oculus Rift.

Out of Colors - Nineties nostaligia

Out of Colors was a side project we worked on while developing the idea and concept for our next massive virtual world as a service, which is our current project. In Out of Colors the player can play with a little remote controlled toy car in a children's room from the nineties.

You can get "Out of Colors" on Steam VR for 0,99$. We occasionally post free keys on our instagram page.

Yabal - Virtual Live Concert Planet

Right now we are working on our next project, the virtual concert planet "Yabal". A virtual world where you can go to live concert festivals, see real artists as avatars performing live for you, hangout with your friends and a lot more.

Follow us on instagram to follow the development process, see new concept art and stay up to date.

Current Project

Who we are


Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur by heart, Dominik decided to start Granola Studios when he got his first VR headset in 2017. He loves Pixar movies, Ready Player One, Halt and catch fire and produces some hip-hop/jazz tunes occasionally.


Founder & CTO

Gamer and tech geek by heart Axel joined Dominik founding Granola Studios to follow his call creating games. He loves playing shooters and spinning records occasionally as a DJ.


Art Director

Game designer by heart, Adriana joined Granola Studios as Art Director while studying game design at HTW. She

Technologies & Platforms we use

Unreal Engine 4
Motion Capture
Motion Builder


We believe the internet needs a third dimension.

With 3G we got music streaming, with LTE we got video streaming and with 5G we will get game streaming and billions of people will be able to access AAA virtual worlds. It will kick off a completely new computing era with VR and AR on its frontier. Many things will be re-invented with this new technology and we want to be part of this revolution.

News & Posts

Granola Studios to take part in SXSW 2019

90s Nostalgia In VR With Out of Colors

This VR Animation Studio is Making 3D Short Films into Virtual Playgrounds

More posts on our Medium page

Our Studio

We are located in the creative heart of Berlin with lots of great restaurants and coffee places around.

Work with us

We are always looking for developers & designers to join us for projects or as permanents. The main job profiles we are looking for are the following.

Game Developer (f/m)
3D Artist (f/m)
Level Designer (f/m)
Concept Artist (f/m)
Full Stack Developer (f/m)