We are Granola Studios.

We are a creative tech company from Berlin building a revolutionary live streaming platform for 3D-animated entertainment. Don't worry if you have no idea what it is. A platform like this has not been invented yet. That's why we do it.
Our mission is to bring you closer to your favorite artists in an immersive concert atmosphere without leaving your cozy home. It will be a whole new universe of entertainment you can enjoy with traditional screen devices (Smartphones, Tablets, PCs) or Virtual and Augmented Reality glasses.

We are hiring.

It's the kind of job your mother would warn you about. A lot of work, nothing but dreamers around you, not the best salary but enough to pay the bills and many many challenges. We work with Maya to create stunning 3D models, Atom to write beautiful node.js code for our web platform, unreal engine 4 (UE4) to bring everything together and yeah, we need to write our own C++ code too. Of course, we have all the new gear we need to bring our platform to life. Such as many VR headsets, motion capture suits, and ridiculous fast workstations.If you are keen on getting into something big here is what we offer:

  • Small team, no politics, just results
  • Family & dog friendly
  • Plenty of VR games
  • Chance to get your own 3D character
  • A lot of learning
  • Competitive compensation